Monday, September 25, 2017

My Maori conversation.

 Maori Conversation  

Lenoxx:kia ora: Hello

Lani:kia ora: Hello

Lenoxx:kei te aha: what are you doing.

Lani:kei te ako ahau:i am learning

Lani:kei te aha: what are you doing

Lenoxx:kei te mahi au i taku matatini:i am working on my maths

Lani:Ka nui te pai: awesome

Lenoxx:kei te ngenge ahau: i am tired

Lani:Me ahau hoki: me too

New day.

Lani: kei te pehea koe: How are you

Lenoxx:Kei te pai ahau: I am good

Lenoxx:kei te pehea koe: How are you

Lani:Ka nui te pai: awesome

Lenoxx:kei te ngenge koe: are you tired

Lani:Ae: yes

Lenoxx: ma te wa: See you later

Lani: Ae: Tuhinga o mua: bye

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ko Wai Au

Ko Wai Au

My Paddle represents my life.

Something about my paddle and why is it important to me like my family. My family helps me with my homework gives me ideas and I’m happy to have a family, My culture is Samoan Maori and Tokelau and they are important to me and I will show you my paddle about my life and I did some samoan patterns because I put that on because it part of my culture and helps me to draw samoan patterns and some maori patterns and I play rugby union and my teams called small black we won 3 games and we lost 1s and rugby is so fun to play it feels good and special to me.I like reading sometimes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All About Me

All About Me

Hello my name is Lenoxx and I am 9 years old and I am a year 5 and I love sport. It’s great. I like playing rugby,football and hockey. I'm fast so you can let me chase your dog if it runs away. I  am strong. I live in 26 Desert Gold Street and I go to Rangikura school. I have two brothers and two sisters.
I play rugby under 10 for league and my team is the Vikings. I am funny and cool and amazing too.
I got heaps of friends and sometimes we play touch at school on the field at Rangikura School.  My family are great. I wake up at 6.30 in the morning and leave at 8.10 and I arrived at school by 8.20.
I leave school at 3.00 and arrive at home 3.20. I have a shower and I go to training at 4.30 at ascot park. Sometimes at the norths club too and I play for Norths too. Sometimes I go with my friends at ascot park and we go in the trees.My friends are Econa, Xavier, Tepa, Kaizen, Orlonzo,Kaan, Lio, Lolani, and Julius.

My favorite youtube guy is Dan TDM.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Biggest Race Today.

My biggest race today

Hi ? I am usain bolt the fastest man in the world. It my first time  running 100m I might not win the race but I am ready I am waiting for the race to start boom there it goes I am running as fast as i can and i am coming 3rd in the race and now i am coming second in the race now i am coming  first and we are all in the middle now and i almost there to the finish line and i am so happy racing with these people and some are coming  last in the race today and people were shouting and screaming and i am so excited racing with these people,people are going wild and people are saying go usain bolt go go usain bolt he’s like a fast racing car he won he was proud of him he won the golden medal he is on the line he is the fastest person in the world  he is happy, it is his first time racing with people he went home with his family we had ice cream my family was happy.